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I’m on a mission!

I have a mission. It’s my mission to make every family in South Yorkshire feel cluster free and calm in their home. A big mission, but one I feel I can achieve! Going by the number of clients I’ve had I’m on my way there, but it is going to take some doing. Luckily I’m really passionate about this mission and have promised myself I’m going to do all I can to make it happen. I can visualise turning crazy cluttered family homes into calming spaces that work for everyone. I can visualise mums less stressed, more organised, wardrobes all neat and functional, paperwork in files rather than on tables in piles, laundry not being a great big heap but quickly sorted and put away. That’s my vision, after all, doesn’t everyone deserve support to live the life they wish and have a home they love? I think so. Our surroundings impact so much on our mental and physical health, so anything I can do to support or inspire others live a happier, healthier life is a worthy cause. Where it comes to decluttering, having a vision is also really important. It’s the first vital step in decluttering, before you even reach for that charity bag! When you have a vision it keeps you focused and on track. You can look at individual objects and measure those items against your vision to see if they fit, and if they don’t fit you can feel comforted that its ok to let them go. Your vision must be important to you, so you need to be able to attach feelings to it. Feelings are always stronger than logic, so by attaching feelings it creates a bigger motivation to change things. Maybe consider searching through Pinterest (be warned, you can lose days of you’re life looking at all the pretty pictures on there!) but it’s a great tool to look at beautiful homes and maybe steal some ideas from. Sometimes when you’re living in the chaos of clutter its hard to visualise how it could be any different. That’s okay, if this is you then write down how the space makes you feel. What parts of it get you stressed, depressed or annoyed? What things get in the way, what makes your life difficult? When you have that list all you need to do is reverse it into a positive thought. So you might have ‘I’m annoyed that the cupboard door doesn’t shut properly and it looks messy’. So put your vision as ‘The cupboard door closes flush and everything is neatly organised inside, so the kitchen looks tidy’. Simple huh? Then all you have to do when going through your items is ask yourself do you love them? Do they fit into your vision? A word of warning, don’t confuse your vision with fantasy though! If you live in a 2 bed terrace it’s highly unlikely that having a vision of a massive kitchen and living space like you’ve seen on grand designs is going to be within your immediate reach. Keep it real and achievable about how your home is now, you might be supposed that you fall in love with your home all over again. Another thing to be aware of is your fantasy self. So when you look at craft items (wool, crochet stuff, art materials, scraps of fabric) you don’t visualise your fantasy self sitting and creating masterpieces. Are you actually going to make time and LOVE sitting there getting crafty, or is it just going to sit in the corner gathering dust and make you feel bad that you never get around to doing anything with it? I’m busy working on my vision today, I’m giving advice on BBC Radio Sheffield at noon, getting the word out about decluttering. This afternoon I’m off to do a declutter paper session with a client. Tonight I’m messing about with my website to start to promote a brand new online course going live in November (perfect if you’re a mum and your dreading Christmas!). So its all happening! My mission is GO!! Make a start on your vision today, then make it your mission to make it happen! Much love, Heather x 

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