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Whether you have a client that is at risk of a tenancy breach due to clutter,

or work with a stressed out family needing housekeeping skills I can help.


I work with social services, advocacy teams and other professionals to support their clients move towards a clutter free home.  I am happy to work with clients that although are scared and reluctant, are willing to try. I cannot work with clients that are not willing to engage.  Should the client have pest control issues, these would need to be addressed before I can offer practical support in the home.

The way I work with clients is not a quick fix.  I do not use skips. This is not like you see on the TV.  I will not come to the clients home and remove everything I deem trash to achieve a clear home, as doing this is not only traumatic for the client but creates further issues (including cost!) for you down the line when the client refills their home. I will however attempt to make steady progress that sticks by working with the client in a gentle, sympathetic manner that also has safety and your outcomes as a priority.

My hourly prices are the same as they are for private clients, however a one off fee of £50 is charged for the initial consultation to cover the subsequent report paperwork.  Prices can be viewed here.

To contact me to discuss your requirements please click here

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