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Its normal to be nervous and want to understand how I work and what will happen, hopefully the FAQ's below will help, but if you have a question not listed here, please get in touch!

I'm embarrassed for you to see how I live!

There's no need. I've been where you are right now, and I know its scary to ask for help, my website now is a step in the right direction towards a decluttered life. I'm not going to judge you, just help guide you towards how you want your life and home to be.

Why do I need a professional organiser? Can't I do it myself?

You can do it yourself, but sometimes we all need a helping hand to set us off in the right direction.  You may find that by hiring a professional you save yourself time, money and effort in the long run and learn how to do things the right way by someone in the know rather than by trail and error. For those of you wanting a little less hand holding maybe consider my online courses instead of a 1:1 session.

Why should I choose you?Its a lot of money! Are you worth it?

Well, obviously I think I am, and my clients do too! I would say go with your gut instinct after our initial consult and make that decision then.  At this point we will be able to see what needs to be done and the benefits.  You will find the benefits of being clutter free are worth more than any session fee I could charge. Being able to find things straight away, a clearer mind, a lighter feeling, a more welcoming home.  You will also learn lessons for life which may mean your attitude to shopping as well as your finances changes too.  Lots of clients find that by being more organised saves them money.

I don't want anyone to know I'm using you. How confidential are your services?

I have to abide by a code of ethics and the law, including the Data Protection Act, so take confidentiality very seriously.  I don't wear a uniform and my car has no logo. I do not disclose client information without prior consent.  No one will know you're using Untangled by Tingle unless you tell them!

What happens at a session?

We work at your pace, heading towards sorting what needs to stay and what needs to go.  I will not make that decision for you, but can offer advice, strategies and encouragement and I will remove unwanted clutter to charity, or arrange a collection for you.  I cannot remove paperwork or rubbish from your home, but can help organise for it to be removed.

How long will it take?

Each needs are different and everyone works at different paces. After the initial consultation and first session (which usually lasts 3-5 hours) we should be able to give a rough timescale of how many sessions you'd want and what can be achieved in that time.  You will find that as I keep you focused and on track you can get much more done in a session than you first thought.

Can you help me with storage solutions?

Yes of course.  I do ask that you don't buy any storage at first though, you may find that as we declutter, you don't actually need it!

What will happen to the things I discard?

You get to decide that.  You may decide to sell things on (I can help with this), or to give things to charity in which case I can take them or organise a collection for you. I can advise you on how to repurpose or recycle your items. Due to legislation, I cannot take away rubbish or paperwork from your home, but can give advice on the best way to discard these and help you organise it if it becomes too overwhelming for you to deal with.

But I don't want a sterile showhome.  Will you make me you  make me get rid of all my things?

We will work to your vision YOU want, not how others would imagine it to be. I want you to have a home you LOVE and feel comfortable I things you adore. I will advise and guide you, but will never make that decisioin for you or force you to discard something you want to keep.

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