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Untangled By Tingle was set up in 2016 by me, Heather Tingle, after I discovered that my life didn't have to be a constant battle with my house for it to look nice!

Up until 2015 I felt like I was stuck in a never-ending circle of chores.  I had doorbell panic when someone knocked at the door, and never allowed my daughter to bring friends home as I was too embarrassed about my house. Although I did not have hoarding disorder, I certainly had just too much stuff, or not enough storage as I told myself.  I had rooms I could't use as they were full of items I didn't know what to do with.I could never find that one thing I was looking for! I felt exhausted and unorganised. 


It felt like I was working so hard, just to keep on top of every day life.   All that changed in when I discovered a how to declutter and organise properly. This method can be adapted for any type of clutter - whether it be in preparation for moving and getting the top price for your home, downsizing, help after a bereavement, home office paperwork organisation, concentrating on being a bit more organised in one area of your home, or a whole house transformation. 


I live in a neurodiverse household, so I am also aware of how living with autism or ADHD/ADD can cause issues with clutter and executive functioning too.

I joined APDO in 2016, undertaken specialised training, and have since helped many people change their lives both face to face, online and over the airwaves though my 'expert declutterer' slot on BBC Radio Sheffield.

Decluttering gave me back my life, so I'm passionate about helping others gain maximum enjoyment from their home by transforming their clutter to calm.

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