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Where there’s a will....

So this week I need an operation under a general anaesthetic, don’t worry nothing scary, just a little op. It did make me think of what would happen if there were complications though. What would happen if I didn’t come around (probably not helped by reading the leaflet all about the risk factors, 1 in 10,000 when you’re faced with it doesn’t seem like great odds!). It occurred to me that having decluttered and organised home gave me a sense of calm if anything did happen and how it would have been a very totally different experience a few years ago. For starters, before I decluttered it would’ve taken me days to find important paperwork as it was shoved in drawers all over the house, and I knew where to look! My poor mum (if the worst did happen) would have had no chance trying to find who I had my gas or electric with (I had bills dating back from 1999, and changed suppliers a lot!). Knowing that all my paperwork now is easily accessible, in one place, and knowing exactly who to contact for anything can be found within a minute is a good feeling. The same with my life insurance documents. All ordered. All neat. All up to date. I even had time to get a will put together which is now in my ‘important documents’ file! So if anything did happen to me all the information anyone would need would all be easily found and straight forward. Writing a will was a weird experience. It’s bit strange to work out what items are genuinely important to you, and what would be important to others. Due to the decluttering experience it really was made easier as I realise now that I have only a handful of genuinely sentimental items worth keeping. Before decluttering, my whole house was stuffed with what I genuinely thought were sentimental items that I could never part with. Holiday souvenirs, ticket stubs from trips, letters and cards from past friendships, books galore. Everything had an emotional attachment to it! Once I decluttered it meant all the REALLY important sentimental stuff made itself stand out, and surprisingly there’s very little of it. With the exception of a few bits of jewellery there’s nothing of sentimental value to be passed on to anyone, as I’m aware that things that are sentimental to me won’t be to anyone else, so I have no problem with them being thrown away when I’m no longer alive. For me sentimentality comes from remembering experiences not items that trigger those memories. The only exception to this would be photographs, and these were sorted late on in my decluttering journey as they are so hard to process. Now only the ‘best of the best’ photos are kept, neatly ordered in albums which take up very little space. So when I was writing a will it was really easy to see what specific things were important (as they’re no longer hidden by jumble) but also the realisation that very little needed to be handed down as heirlooms. Do not save things because you think others would find it an heirloom! It’s more than likely to just be a space hogging burden! What’s important to you won’t necessarily have the same importance to anyone else. The other bonus was being able to sit at my dining room table and actually write my will. This would’ve been impossible before decluttering! The table wasn’t a table but a storage facility. Being able to look around my home as see the important items standing out is a lovely feeling. When you realise your home is a storage facility of genuinely adored items rather than just a hoard it makes looking around a delight rather than a heart sinking sadness. Another bonus of decluttering has been that my spare room is now a spare bedroom. Before decluttering it was almost impossible to get in the room, let alone have anyone in it! It used to be a place to shove things when I wasn’t sure where they could go, or it was a ‘put in here until I take it to charity’ storage space which never happened. As I had to have someone stay with me for 24 hours after the operation it was wonderful to be able to give them a beautiful bedroom to stay in (although it does have to be said that my two cats were less than impressed that they had to share their space). This would’ve been impossible before. The spare room ‘things’ couldn’t fit anywhere else in the house, the loft was full, the outhouses full, the rest of the house was full too! Now it’s a beautiful bedroom that although rarely gets used it’s no longer an awful secret hiding behind the door. Packing and unpacking a suitcase for hospital was simpler too! I did it twenty minutes before leaving. Knowing where things are, and due to how I fold clothes everything is visible so you can just pull out what you need makes it so much easier. Unpacking when home takes less time too! There’s no stuff hanging about waiting to be put away, as it’s quick and easy to put away you don’t put it off. I guess that’s one of the best things decluttering has given me, no more procrastination! Every day I’m faced with things that are so much quicker, easier and less effort. It’s like walking out of a giant chaotic fog into clarity. Being able to see (both visually and emotionally) what’s important in my life has been very important to me over the past week and no doubt will continue to be. So now I’m taking it slow for a week while I recuperate, which is made so much easier by a tidy clean home! Although I’m well enough to chat to Paulette Edwards on BBC Radio Sheffield tomorrow around noon (25th June) where we will be talking about all things decluttering on their ‘ask the expert’ slot, so make sure you tune in! I might even get time to continue tinkering with the courses I’m working on, so watch this space! Don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter so you’ll be the first to hear when courses are released, get early bird offers and hints and tips (don’t worry you can unsubscribe any time and I don’t spam you!) just visit my website to sign up Have a great week, Love Heather x

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