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It’s not just about discarding, collections can be cool!

One of the big worries a lot of clients have is that they worry I’m going to hire a massive skip and put all their lovely possessions into it.  They think my idea of the perfect home is stark white, accent cushions and minimalism.  They worry that the items they’ve collected and have a passion for will be discarded like they’re rubbish.

This really is not the case.  Well, unless you want to do that? If your vision is for that kind of home then of course I will help you work towards it.  For me my vision for your home is simply one you’re happy to live in, one that works for you, not against you.  In most cases all you want is for life to be easier, your home easier to live in and clean, and to do that you need support to sort through what’s important to you.  I help you peel back the layers of clutter that have collected so you can once again see the things you love that are usually hidden amongst a lot of things you don’t.

When I work with children they also have the fear that their possessions will be discarded, and it’s even more important to prevent future hoarding issues that the child knows they are in control of what stays.  Children especially are very good at ‘collections’.  There is nothing wrong by with this.  Minimalism is not the end game, but valuing what you have is.  So if a collection is broken down into individual items and not looked as a collection this can help fine tune how to discard.

When you see items as a collection, whether it be books, shoes, handbags, or shopkins it is impossible to discard any.  When you look at each individual item in the collection it is much easier. You may see items that are damaged, duplicates, items that just don’t do it for you now. By paring down collections you make more space but also value what you have much more.  That way when you’re tempted to buy something new for the collection it isn’t a case of buying it just because it adds to the collection or ‘it’ll do’ but it has to be worthy of being added. You stop the collection from getting out of hand. Somethings you can get to the point where you can implement the ‘one in, one out’ method too, so you have to discard something in order to bring a new item in.

One of the other rules of decluttering is knowing what space you have for your items. When everything is given a home it’s easier to tidy, but also you realise that with the space ‘ring fenced’ for that item, it cannot encroach on other spaces. Having a space defined stops clutter getting out of control.  As you declutter, your home reappears to you naturally, and you can see much easier where things can go.  It is like living in a fog which goes when you declutter and you can see your home again for the first time.  

Another rule of decluttering is valued items, things you really love, should be displayed so you can see them.  So for example it may be Jewellery you no longer wear or ribbons no longer used but you adore, these can be hung on your coat hanger ‘necks’ which you will see every time you open your wardrobe.  It may be ticket stubs attached to the inside of cupboard doors.   It could be a tiny ornament in side your underwear drawer etc.  A great way for your home to ‘spark joy’ is display your collections proudly, after all they are what makes your home YOURS.  Being an individual is great, and your home should reflect that.

My friends son loves Hot Wheels Cars and has an amazing collection. It gives me great joy seeing how they are displayed and I think provides a great talking piece to anyone that visits.

So love your stuff,  display it proudly and show people a home that reflects who you really are, don’t hide your personality away.

Lots of love,

Heather x 

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