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The problem with New Years Resolutions!

So we are a few weeks into January now, how are you all feeling? Kids are back at school, adults back at work, Christmas festivities all forgotten, now most people are just left with a long month, little spare cash and bills to pay. The hope and promise of the New Year when you created New Year Resolutions has definitely disappeared, and you’re now wondering why you attempted to change in the first place. Maybe you’re at the point where you feel nothing will ever change, no matter how hard you try? Yep, sounds like life is back to being the weary ‘same old’ for a lot of people. So you might wonder how decluttering at this time of year is a good idea? How can throwing things away help with finances? At this time of year you just want to hibernate and feel knackered by the time it goes dark! Ah, but now is a great time to declutter! First of all you’re probably fed up with a lack of change. Things DON’T have to always be the same, you CAN change your life but only if you really want to. Have you noticed when you do something because you think you should you’re never as enthusiastic as when you do something because you actually want to? This is how a lot of New Years resolutions become unstuck. You set them because you SHOULD. ‘Should’ never works. ‘Want to’ has a much better chance. You have an even better chance still if you can visualise the end result actually happening, and an even better chance still if you lose the guilt of why it hasn’t happened before. So lose the negatives, and look for the positives. This is why having a vision is so vital when you’re wanting to declutter. With no clear vision it’s easy to lose motivation. When decluttering, things usually look worse before they get better (didn’t think your house could look any more of a bombsite?! Oh it can! It’s worth it though!!) By having a vision you keep your motivation for longer. You can visualise the end result and realise obstacles are temporary. It helps you when making tough decisions to be able to refer back to your vision - does this item fit it? Or does this item hinder my vision? Once you’ve made the decision to change and feel positive about it, you’re likely to see action and then progress. This is where professionals like me come in. We help strengthen that vision and keep you focused towards it and on track. We empower you to make choices and head towards the life you want. You might think that this time of year that decluttering is a waste of money. From a personal perspective I can honestly say that I’ve saved so much more money since decluttering than I ever did before. Having paperwork in order means I can be proactive getting the best rates for bills and insurance, I’ve sold so many items when decluttering it’s given me extra money to have fun with, and as I know where things are I no longer have to buy things because I can’t find the originals in my house! All this has meant my mindset when it comes to money has changed too. I only buy things I truly love. I no longer feel the need to splurge £100’s to cheer myself up, and go on spending sprees in Next and Primark (I always seemed to shop for clothes but have nothing to wear). A professional decluttering session starts from £30 (online), or just £125 for half a day. It’s staggering how much can be achieved when you have professional support. My clients are always amazed at how much we achieve in a short space of time. A lot of the time clients only need a few sessions and become brave enough to do the rest themselves, and they’re now clued up on how to declutter and can see the transformation happening, and end (and their vision) in sight!

So if you’re looking at your home in its post Christmas state and feeling despair, why not give me a call and see how I can help? I do a free one hour consult for anyone wanting to know what can be achieved and how I can help. So will you call and take that first step to changing your life, or will you be in the same weary position this time next year?

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