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My birthday week

In my head I’m still 29, but my body has now reached the grand old age of 41. It’s still a surprise to me that I’ve become an adult to be honest. It’s been a hectic week at work, with new clients and I’m still working at my other business too, so there’s not been many spare minutes for social media updates on Untangled so you might have felt that I’ve been a bit quiet, when actually it’s just been crazy busy! One of the side effects of decluttering is that you’re very mindful of what you bring into your home, so birthdays and Christmas are a bit of a challenge. I’m very lucky that my close friends and I very rarely exchange actual presents, it’s usually just messages and time spent together. My mum is also very aware that I don’t want ‘stuff’ for the sake of it so now asks if there’s something I’d like instead. So this week I had the perfect birthday. I had a day off all work. I had a leisurely breakfast with my daughter and then took her to school, and I then had a day pottering around my home getting a bit crafty, recovering an old chair the shape of which I’ve always loved but not the minging green velvet of its cushions, so I’m wanting to refurbish it to look beautiful in my bedroom. I picked my daughter up from school and then it was off to Meadowhall where my daughter was excited to be buying me some bath bombs (I love their bright coloured fizziness!), and my mum treated me to a new pair of converse that I adore wearing. We then went for a nice relaxed meal at zizzi’s (as my daughter being autistic is very fussy about food and will only eat pizza or pasta), and it was a lovely, relaxed and happy occasion. We even quickly nipped to Ikea for a bit before I then dropped my mum and daughter off at my mums so I had a child free night. I spent it catching up with a dear friend where I got treated to a vegan cake and a good old natter. Life isn’t about doing what society thinks you should. It’s not about ‘things’, it’s simply about working out what makes you happy and then being brave enough to live your life to your rules about how to have happiness. Have a great happy week! Love, Heather x 

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