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Perfect time for decluttering

This week has been crazy busy! On Thursday I went to BBC Radio Sheffield to answer questions live on air in the ‘Ask the Expert’ slot. It was so much fun, and everyone made me feel so at ease and it was literally like just having a chat with a client about how I could help them. In preparation for it, I made a bit of a list on why NOW is the perfect time to declutter. As I didn’t really get chance to touch upon decluttering specific to Christmas, I thought I would share it with you here instead.

There are three things we need more of at this time of year: Energy, Time and Money! Decluttering can help with all these. I’m still surprised even now how much energy keeping a house clean and tidy used to take pre-declutter. You don’t realise just how exhausting it is just to keep on top of things. By decluttering now you will find things much more easily and have so much more energy once you no longer have to constantly battle against your house. You will save so much time because of this too, whether it’s the simplicity of cleaning or spending less time searching for things you need. Money is saved in two ways, decluttering means you know exactly where things are so you don’t end up buying duplicate items. Decluttering also means your mindset to what you buy can change too, so you have less shopping sprees and really value what you spending your money on.

With Christmas approaching it’s a great time to declutter out of necessity! With so many visitors in the festive season and having family or friends stay over its time to tackle that spare room. It also means that as your home is flooded by incoming presents you actually have room for them all and not a fight to figure out how you can fit them into your home.

This time of year means you venture into places normally off limits – like the loft! So it’s a great once in a year opportunity to declutter these often forgotten about storage places. Our taste in Christmas decorations changes too – declutter these too so you only keep what truly makes you smile! Don't forget to go through your fridge and freezer too - finally bin that rogue frozen fish finger, and go through your cupboard looking for out of date tins or herbs/spices too- you're going to need the space for all that yummy Christmas excess!

Now is a great time to sell unwanted items on – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure after all. Old jewellery, toiletries, electronics and toys are most sought after for people wanting a bargain and Christmas on a budget. It’s also a great time to get kids involved in learning to declutter too, younger ones can see the logic in giving away their old toys that they no longer play with to children that have less than they do. A reminder that Father Christmas can only bring new toys if there’s enough room for them is a great incentive too! For older kids now is a good time to cash in their old electronics to use the money towards new items, using Facebook groups or eBay is useful to sell old consoles and stores will buy second hand games too. Teens can go through their clothes and either donate, weigh in for cash, or take to H&M for £5 voucher so that they can be bribed, ahem I mean treat themselves, to one well thought out joy sparking new item for the festive season. It’s a great time to get them thinking about their choices, and what works together like a capsule wardrobe, and what items are surplus to requirements.

So there’s 24 days left – what’s stopping you? Get started on decluttering today!

Love, Heather x

PS If you wish to listen to me chatting here’s the link to my bit on the radio – from 2:10 onwards

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