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Christmas : Untangled
Daily emails direct to your inbox with a simple, small, bite size challenge to help you feel less overwhelmed.

£27 Doors close 30th November 2022

After amazing feedback from the November Untangle, I decided that a December one was SO necessary. I remember the stress of Christmas, and beyond. Explosion of clutter, commitments and never enough time or space. December, (and Christmas) just felt so overwhelming.


Things can be different this year, and Christmas CAN be fun... OK fun might be an exaggeration, but this month long support process will help you feel less overwhelmed, more in control, and less alone!


What you get:

A daily prompt of a 5 minute task emailed to you each morning from 1st-31st December 2022.  Each task is a quick challenge for you to feel less overwhelmed and designed for you to try to complete by the next morning. It may be something to support you, a declutter task, or a Christmas Preparation task.


An extension task. If you have time, there will also be an extension task in the daily email.  That way if you've done the 5 minute task and feel motivated and have the time and energy to carry on, you can - but you don't have to! You can just do the 5 minute task and know you've done your bit for that day.

A private pop up facebook group to show your results, ask questions and get support.

Check out the feedback from Novembers Untangle.

November container feedback.jpg
November container feedback 2.jpg


Master tracker teaser_edited.jpg

You asked for it - so I've done it! The Master Tracker from the Untangled by Tingle Declutter Home Planner has been created as a stand alone download - so you can print it over and over again to monitor your decluttering progress.

So often we concentrate on whats left to do which leaves us feeling down and demotivated.  Instead, if you track what LEAVES your home you can see the visual progress of what you're achieving!

Just £5 for you to download it direct to your inbox/phone/drive, so you can save it, and print it off from home as much as you like, or upload it your your digital reader to complete online. Click the picture to buy today and start using within minutes.

May not be used for any other purpose and remains copyright Heather Tingle 2022.

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