Whether its an entire house, a wardrobe declutter or helping you sort through a pile of paperwork

I charge the same flat fee of £35 per hour, with no hidden extras.


2 hour session including breaks £70

(must be within 30 min travel time of me).


Half day (4 hours including breaks) £140

This is my most popular choice as you can get a lot done, but not be too exhausted.

Full day (7 hours including breaks) £245 

For bigger tasks, and making big impact, or where time is of the essence.

We start the process with a one hour free consultation, so that I can find out what your aims and goals are,

your vision, where you're currently struggling and what you wish to achieve.  If you'd like to know a bit more about this consultation, check on my video on YouTube here:

I then create a report which is a plan of action of  what is achievable and how to go about it. 

We can amend this at any point and you always have the final say on what we do, and how we achieve it.


By creating the report, and having these discussions etc it means that when I arrive at your home for your

decluttering session we are both ready to go and have clear aims on what's achievable

so you get the most out of your time with me. 

Occasionally I have cancellations so if you can fit me in at short notice please let me know when we book your session in.

During a session I come to your home and use a decluttering method which has the emphasis on what you wish to keep, not just discarding stuff 'because you should'.  This non judgmental method means that you feel in control and I am able to focus and guide you through the process step by step and at your own pace.  You make the decisions - I am just there are a guide and to help keep you focused on what you want to achieve.  We create long lasting strategies that work for you so that once you no longer need my services you're able to deal with your home and it's contents effectively.

To ensure that you feel the benefit of our consultation immediately, I will take one car load of items straight to charity at no extra charge.  You are under no obligation to book any further sessions, but I'm sure when you see the progress you have achieved after just one session you will see the benefit in booking your next session. 

If you feel you'd benefit from a 1:1 session but live outside of South Yorkshire,

video 1:1 consultations or my online courses may be more suitable. 

For details please check out the online page here.