If you live outside of South Yorkshire, or feel that you are able to declutter yourself but with guidance, or you can't find 3 hour gaps for me to visit, then my online courses or an online consultation may be for you.  Each course is specifically designed for a particular need, and as such differs in length of time to complete and price.  Courses do not run constantly but have various cohorts and start at various times of year. All courses are step by step  and can be done at times to suit you.  All online courses include cohort Secret Facebook Groups with weekly Q&A sessions, free checklists and downloads, videos and webinars, motivational support emails, and  specialised tutorials.
If you would like to know when a course is due to be live (and get an early bird booking discount)
please contact me to express your interest.


If you live outside of South Yorkshire or would struggle to find the time for a 1:1 session then online consultations are available for select clients.  You will still receive a pre-consult chat, focused and individual 1:1 support, and regular contact with built in accountability checks and motivation to make sure you achieve your goals in 1 hour time slots.  If you would like extra motivation, support and accountability with likeminded people to share ideas and successes in a positive, non judgmental and supportive environment then after your first 1:1 you are invited to join a  free secret Facebook group which is solely for online clients, (but you are under no obligation to do so).

Fee: £30 (1 hour slots)


Decluttering paper

Take control of your bills and letters with my e-book mini guide. 

This FREE e-book on decluttering paper is available when you sign up to receive my newsletter.

Fee: Free

Children's Christmas Declutter Countdown

Sort the kids bedrooms ready for the impending gift giving season with this packed mini course aimed at decluttering their toys

without tantrums or tears! Please note you must be a UK resident.

Booking up now!

Goes live on 15th November 2018

Fee: £45 (early bird offer) / £79

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Declutter Childrens Christmas


Bedroom Battlegrounds

A short course aimed at parents of children aged 3-9 years old.  Do you wish that your child's room was tidy, and that it could stay that way without constant nagging?  Overloaded with Happy Meal toys? Stepping on Lego driving you bananas? Drowning in clothes? This course is for you.

Floordrobe to Fabulous

Minimise your clothes and never be stuck finding something to wear ever again! How to declutter your wardrobe, make better buying choices and how to organise your clothes so you never find unworn clothes still with tags in the bottom of your wardrobe again! Includes accessories such as scarves, jewellery, handbags and shoes.

The bereavement declutter

If you've recently been bereaved and now face a house full of a loved one's possessions this is the course is for you.  It will gently guide you through the process of deciding what to keep, and what needs to go. How to quickly and efficiently discard unwanted possessions and see things objectively when emotions and sentimentality are running high, as well as what you can do whilst dealing with probate. 

Sort for sale

Wanting to declutter in preparation for a house move? This short course will get you working on what buyers are really looking for and help you reduce the clutter you'll take with you to your next home.  This is a high impact intense course for when you need fast results to sell your home at the best price quickly!

Total home transformation

A full course that transforms your home from top to bottom, truly life changing. Don't know where to start? Feel you're home is just one big cluttered mess? Step by step help to fully organise and declutter your home for good! My most comprehensive course with amazing results.

If you're not sure which course would be right for you, or you can't find something suitable call Heather on 07788 106292 or email me to discuss your needs and how I can help.