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7 Days to go from Clutter to Calm : Clothes

Do you have lots of clothes but nothing to wear?  Do you have a floordrobe?  Do you dream of being able to get dressed without stress?  Does putting away your clothes consist of you shoving them in drawers, under your bed, or hidden in a too full wardrobe?  Would you like to wake each day and effortlessly find exactly what you need? Do you live a hectic, chaotic life, and simply don't have the time, effort or energy to declutter after a long day? Maybe money is tight and you worry about spending on new clothes or having to throw things away?

If you can yes to those questions I can help!  This tailor made intensive course is for busy people!  It may be that you've tried to declutter your clothes before and when you've had a clear out it felt great, but then a few weeks or months later its just as bad as it was before? All that can change.


All you need is for someone to show you how to do it properly, so that once you've had a proper declutter you will never go back to old habits, and you will have clothes you love and a better way to keep them than in piles on the chair or the floor.

Three years ago I was a self confessed hoarder.  I had so many clothes but would find myself in frustrated tears each time I needed to 'dress up' as I could never find the right thing to wear.  Clean clothes would adorn my floor frequently.  Getting dressed in a morning was always rushed, finding something clean, appropriate and not needing ironing (or wearing it creased!).  I then discovered a method to decluttering and found my whole life changed.  I had more time, more energy and more money as I wasn't constantly battling my home.  Getting ready now takes a few minutes and there's no more tears.  After I decluttered my home I became a Professional Declutterer and Organiser and joined APDO (The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers), undertaking specialist training to be able to support my clients declutter their homes and lead happier lives.

So what will you get if you sign up for this course?

Introduction to decluttering principles video - useful for not just clothes, but other areas of your home too.

Downloadable checklist - to keep you focused and on track

Daily accountability email and tasks to complete

Step by step tutorials on how to fold and store your items

2 x 1 Hour Webinars with me

Secret Members only Facebook group for ongoing support and motivation

This course is limited to just 10 participants so that you can be properly supported.  If you purchase the course by noon on the 16th April 2018, as an early bird customer you get it for just £35, (Email subscribers cost of just £25).  Clients signing up after this time will be charged my standard course fee of £79.